try, and try again

​I begin to think beautiful to many
is the absence of the broken
removal, the absolute
the complete fix

whole, only whole
when without them


change: a process in which a person or group of people stretch and stretch and stretch, then snap back to the original size and shape under extreme stress

no cost too high

we can’t have peace at any cost!

we need change, something spectacular! now!

don’t care what it does, how it comes, what it says, how it says it, if it lies to me or you, how many are hurt — as long as it’s a change, that’s all that counts, whatever it costs

my mind is made up, nothing you can say will change it, I’m not stupid — I know what I want

as long as we are back on track and people (those people) are afraid to cross the line

except banks, bankers, and billionaires who have no boundaries, and know no line or border or wall that they won’t cross

it’s all or nothing

yes, I’m betting it all — all my faith and the faithful on change

change, that’s the bottom line
change, it’s a God thing

change, you’re fired

a change is gonna come

sorry, got no change

introductions in heaven

Son, I’d like you to meet the policeman who shot you. Officer, I’d like you to meet the boy who died at your hand. And here is his mother and father, his grandfather, his son, his grandson.

Dr. Singh, I’d like you to meet the boy who put up that poster telling you and all your people to leave. Mr. White, meet the doctor who created the treatment which cured the genetic condition you and several others in your family carry.

Mr. Knox, Mr. Calvin, Mr.Luther, Mr.Franklin, Mr. Dobson, Mr. Wallis, Mr. King,  et al. Well, you all know each other. That should make it easier. These are your clothes. This is your room. You’re going to be here for a while. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about. I know I do.

Why the hell is he here, you ask?

Why are any of us here?

no worries, love

no worries, love

it’s all in your imagination

if there is a President Trump he will not be the President of the United States, he will never be the President of the United States, he will be Chief Troll of the Uncivil States of Division and Strife

it’s all in your imagination
united, free — that place never was, and never will be

a light, in fragments, pieces — for some, not for all,
and what does it matter?

a projection on a screen, bigger than life
a blockbuster hitting the highlights
a distortion of focus

it’s all in your imagination
in your hopes and your dreams

a miracle it holds together
a mirage, an act of seeing
and not seeing it all at once

the place that’s real is beneath your feet
where you choose to walk

wherever it may lie
an allegiance bigger than this

the story slant

did it work well marching those pastors down the road with your gun at their back?

the story that sent me asking other pastors if this family was too fractured to take in, to hold

told I am bound by word, that promise is bond, walk in faith — keeping that word close to heart, keeping on

to find myself under the question
again, and again

he wonders now if the story was ever true, was he home? did he see it with his own eyes? was it something he was told?

after all these years and the lies told, is anything true?

between what’s never said and what’s told slant, what in this was real?

why all the questions? who started the fire?

now I’m the one with the questions
putting everything to the test


here’s hoping heaven
is filled with all those opposed
just as shocked to see you

cheers to whatever’s coming! to the second coming! to the coming paradigm shift! to future shock!

on fire for God

strange how all that fire in our hearts 
heals so little, so few, so slowly

losing my religion

willing that our children should die
for our beliefs
aren’t we all grand?

let them be Marines, martyrs
saints, terrorists
long rows of graves

sent out in our defence
forever cherished
for being dead and gone
for saving us

from all that we could never solve together
for preserving what we deserve
for saving us from them
for all the world should be

for the children

heaven forbid there should ever be
a shortage of children
to learn our arguments
to stand in the gaps we create
to fill in our lapses in judgment
to fight for us

for a glorious future
I can no longer imagine

for as long as you and I are alive
we will be killing each other
in the name of something
if only to stay alive, to preserve
to keep what little bit of all or nothing? is ours

I hope we are surprised when
we pass through the gates of heaven
after creating hell on earth

Molech is never full, and neither are we.

a man in Kentucky was talking about taking up arms to overthrow the government… for the future, for his children… which means he’s also choosing the future for my children, and their children — a future I hope they never see in a world that’s already far beyond what I ever would have hoped for them. We, the people, isn’t just his people, it’s my people, too — with fears just as strong that he would get his wish… I googled ‘the god who eats children’… there’s quite a few of them, more than I remembered. It is us, taking steps to prevent our fear of what might happen if…

two-edged swords

learning to forgive
the future being sown
the voices responsible
for what is coming

that the name of Jesus
would be responsible
in any part
for what lies ahead

but when was it not
on the leading edge
of darkness and light

sword in hand and mouth
in the same breath life and death

learning to forgive
passing through fire

with streams of living water?